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Enterprise Applications Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) enables new strategic initiatives such as e-business by improving and standardising the integration between an enterprise's applications and also with applications external to the enterprise.

The advent of the e-economy has resulted in the need for EAI for both medium and large players alike. EAI has helped them leverage the power of the internet to 'reorganise' their huge legacy systems and Individual applications developed and implemented in uncoordinated fashion which created multiple heterogeneous islands of automation (Computing platforms, proprietary information formats, diverse programming models etc.). Organisations have realised that even ERP systems only offer partial integration.

Global competitive pressures have forced organisations to streamline business process through integration of key activities and corporate mergers, acquisitions and restructuring have resulted in integration of IT departments and increased dependency on data warehousing.

Our EAI Services offer a powerful approach to integrating existing applications, data warehouses and business processes across the extended enterprise to tackle the new business challenges posed by the e-economy.

We have expertise in various components of Enterprise Application Integration viz. Process Automation, Real time Analysis, Internet based communication, XML based Legacy Integration, Application connectors for ERPs and Messaging middleware.




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