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Silverlink Technologies

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

IT treatment for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector

Healthcare organizations and constantly seeking ways and means to serve their core constituency with improved efficiency. The pharmaceutical industry follows up on this initiative with extensive research to discover new drugs and more efficiency medical therapy.

Information technology is the preferred way for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to tackle this ever increasing demand on them.

Silverlink understands this new paradigm and helps by providing the sector with IT consultants who undertake mission critical tasks. Our competency in recruitment of the right talent and our competitive pricing has enabled us to successfully place IT professionals in many of the leading Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies.

We place professionals experienced with the technology and specialties these clients rely on, including:

  • Data warehousing
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Systems integration
  • Content Development
  • Testing analysis
  • Web development

Silverlink Technologies has an ongoing commitment to serve the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector and our offerings to this industry will increase over time. We aim to introduce more tailor made packages that will serve the sector with improved efficiency.