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Silverlink Technologies

Hospitality & Entertainment

Specialized services for the Hospitality and Entertainment sector

Delivering consistent levels of customer care and satisfaction is crucial to the growth and health of the hospitality and entertainment sector. In pursuit of these goals the industry constantly seeks faster ways of engaging customers in a more effective manner.

Information technology initiatives form a major part of meeting this challenge. IT in turn depends on staffing services and solutions partners who share their customer centric focus and have the capacity and the capability to rapidly respond to their requirements. Silverlink's timeline oriented customer service allows us to deliver the talent and people as required.

We have placed professionals at our clients in the hospitality and entertainment industries with numerous specialties, including:

  • AS/400 Cobol developers
  • Custom application development
  • .Net development
  • NOC/Helpdesk analysts
  • PeopleSoft
  • Project management
  • SQL Programmers/DBAs
  • Visual Basic